#IngressFS April: El Reno

El Reno is a bit far out from the OKC metro, and not even in our cell (it’s in AM02-GOLF-06, vs our more familiar AM02-GOLF-09), but we thought it was due for an #IngressFS visit. However, with impending weather predicted, we weren’t sure it would attract enough players. Earlier in the week, the prediction was for the bad weather to start about 11am, which got pushed to 1pm, and then 3pm. Fortunately, we were able to get our gameplay in, along with plenty of social time, and with a higher than expected turn-out to boot, all before the weather rolled in.

El Reno is a cute town that retains much of its historic building stock, and a functional streetcar (albeit for tourism rather than transit), but it’s known for its onion burgers, and we picked one of the more highly regarded locales to sample its famous cuisine, Sid’s Diner.

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